Inspiration to Move

As the body moves through yoga & dance positions we can become inspired and motivated to push out the old and bring in the new.  Movement can make you feel lighter, happier and is great for your cardiovascular health. In times of stress exercise might be what you need to help clear your mind. Yoga & Belly dance grounds me and fills me with ambition and strength. Ask about adding a yoga or bellydance class today to your massage, energy or spa session. Classes also available for individuals or in group settings.

Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise program to make sure it safe for you.

Belly Dance

Beginner Friendly Dance Class

Focus: Fun, Skills, Drills, and Improv with Feeling

Learn the art of Belly Dance!  We will practice traditional and Egyptian fusion style belly dance movements of hips, chest and traveling patterns.  We will drill techniques, shimmies and undulations and develop improv skills, with emotional expression.  At the end of every class, we will take time to connect and just dance!!! This class is perfect for those who want to learn belly dance for the first time, work on your technique for choreography, or build emotion into your improv. I cannot wait to dance with you!!

Group or Private Belly Dance Class

Location: In the Comfort of Your Home.

Have you ever wanted to try Belly Dance? Now you can try it in your own home with friends and family!!!! Belly Dance moves every joint in your body helping you increase your range of motion. This dance focus on isolating muscle groups, gaining control of your elegant body. You will move your hips & chest in figure eights, circles, slides and learn how to shimmy and shake your hips and shoulders. Bring out your goddess, and heal with movement!


“Union” Of The Soul With The Universal Consciousness Or Spirit.

When moving through the asanas or postures of yoga energy flows through the body helping our mind become still. It may take time to create long gaps in-between the chatter of the mental mind during your practice of asanas but with focus on the movements with the breath, your practice will become more of a moving meditation. A way to clear your mind, let go of the old and move inward to your being.

Yoga can help you move into your true self, becoming a person of Ahimsa with a deeper practice of the spirit. Ahimsa is being kind to yourself and others not holding on to guilt or judgment.

Hmmm… all that from regular moving, stretching, breathing and meditation. Why haven’t you called me yet!!! Individual or group classes available and in-home retreats.