Teresa Harlow

Teresa specializes in providing sessions and classes to encourage empowerment of the true self, to diminish the hold the inner critic has on your life.

She is a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy and continues to study Reiki with Australia’s International House of Reiki and Animal Reiki Source. She is the owner of Healing KI Connections & the 24-inch bronze singing bowl you can stand in! AKA The Blessing Bowl.

Massage, Energy, & Intuitive Work

Since 2006, Teresa has witnessed massage, energy, and intuitive work release chronic and acute pain for clients who are open to transformation and growth. She has seen countless cases of release in the shoulder girdle, wrists, forearms, hips, neck, and sciatica regions of the body. As well as people and animals experiencing an increase in quality of life, energetic movement, range of motion, productivity, and functionality. With applied knowledge, listening skills, intuition, and compassion we can pick a therapeutic session or class that fits your needs!

Teresa’s Current Focus!

Currently, Teresa’s focus is on providing Sound healing Journeys, and is helping people and animals worldwide step into their compassionate power, by offering distant Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique sessions, and her signature Energy Awareness training! She is not offering Massage at this time.

Teresa’s Biggest Passion

Teresa’s biggest passion is helping humans and animals to coexist peacefully. As an experienced Reiki Practitioner, Teresa has created her extended 12-week Reiki training and Energy Awareness programs for self-healing and spiritual growth. Teresa is active in the community providing free yoga & sound healing events at the Honesty Co-cop.

With a love for all animals and elephants, her ultimate vision is to bring Reiki and financial support to rescued elephants in India through her blessing bowl project!

Teresa’s Passions:

  • Working with animals & their owners as a collective team to promote healing together.
  • Empowering people through sound, EFT, massage, reiki meditations, & movement practices.
  • Learning about the science of the brain and how your energy is impacted by meditation, sound, massage, reiki and positive thinking.
  • Helping Build the collective consciousness of compassion.
  • Donating to elephant programs
  • Growing in Eco Friendly & sustainable living