Wellness Workshops

Energy Awareness Workshop

Grounding at heart center.

For Sacred Self-Care Grounded at Heart Center. You are a beautiful, energetic being, that deserves to have sacred self-care incorporated into your schedule. When we heal ourselves, the positive vibrations of all beings around us are heightened.

We invite you to become aware of yourself, to create a healthy connection with your body, mind & spirit. You are a beautiful, energetic being who deserves to have sacred self-care incorporated into your schedule.

In a friendly and safe environment, we will explore tools to feel your OWN energy. You will use this insight to explore ways you can release these energetic imprints.

Your body keeps your suppressed emotions, and memories safe, under lock and key, until you are ready to access and heal them.


Teresa connects to the energy of the class making each workshop different and as unique as you are.

When we continue to practice self-care, those around us respond and heal from these positive vibrations. Your heart’s energetic field is very powerful!

Tools you will learn & practice in this workshop.

  • How to feel energy around you.
  • Ways to discover if the energy you are sensing is yours or someone else’s.
  • Scanning your energy system and others.
  • Breathing to center your mind and ground.
  • Meditation & concepts to decrease becoming overwhelmed within others energy fields.
  • Guided meditations to connect to your inner truth.
  • Ways to release emotions stored in the body, mind and heart.

Who is this workshop perfect for?:

  • Everybody that wants to heal themselves!
  • Anybody who wants to gather with spiritual friends.
  • Empaths who want to learn how to use their gifts.
  • Anybody who wants to become aware of their energetic surroundings.
  • Reiki & Yoga practitioners who want to deepen their insight &
  • energy sensitivity.
  • Mental health & EFT practitioners
  • Massage Therapist
  • Anyone who believes in unicorns…..

Loving Reminder: Your Heart is powerful.

Reiki Workshops

Do you want to Learn Reiki?

If you have experienced the relaxation benefits of Reiki you may be wondering where can you learn how to give Reiki! I teach Reiki and Energy Awareness Level one and two for self-healing and aiding others in their self-healing process. Level three training is for people committed to the Reiki path, have had a minimum of 100 hands on Reiki sessions and would possibly like to teach Reiki

Ask me about one on one classes that will focus on your spiritual growth as an individual!!! Group Class recommended to gain understanding of empathic gifts.

What will you Learn During Reiki & Energy Awareness Level One Training?

Self-healing techniques to ground, connect to reiki and open the heart

  • Healing hand placements to gain energy perception
  • Healing with Breath
  • Healing with meditations
  • Healing with the Reiki Precepts
  • Self-Energy Awareness Exercises
  • Heaven and Earth meditation (Ground, Cleanse, Connect)
  • My Exclusive Heaven, Earth and Heart expansion meditation
  • Grounding with Your lower Hara

Cleansing your self, home, objects

  • Gassho meditation
  • Joshin kokyu ho meditation
  • kenyoku ho (dry bathing)
  • Heaven and Earth meditation …
  • Heart opening meditation

Reiki Healing Hand placements to provide sessions for yourself and family

  • Based on Your intuition
  • Based on Various Teachers of different lineage
  • Based on Chakra balancing & Cleansing
  • Based on Hara Centers
  • Based on Byosen Scanning
  • Based on Listening/feeling for a Pull within the Energy Field
  • Based on “hearing where to go”

How to connect with your higher self and others

  • With Group Energy Awareness Exercises (We can all feel energy)
  • Learning to listen to your Inner guidance
  • Scanning your energy field with hands
  • Scanning the Energy Field & Body with Intuition

Some Basics

  • Setting intention
  • Grounding concepts
  • Benefits and what Reiki can be used for
  • Basics facts about: Chakras, Auras, Nadis, Meridians, Bhandas
  • History of Reiki and useful Sources
  • Ways to Deepen your Spiritual Practice
  • Reiki as a life style and hands on healing as a positive side effect
  • Why does this class provide weekly healing attunements?


Attunements will take place weekly. A traditional Japanese Reiki ritual to help you remember your healing gifts!