Sound Healing with Blessing Bowl

Sound healing experiences are as unique as the individual. Sound healing has a positive impact on our cells within our body, that calms the mind and spirit. The Blessing Bowl creates a personal song for you!

Well standing in the blessing bowl you will be able to feel or hear the singing bowls’ frequency as vibration, running through the body. Yes… you read that right! You will be standing in a custom, hand pounded bronze sing bowl. AKA The Blessing Bowl!!!!

A portion of your blessing bowl payment will be donated to support elephants in India.

Make your sacred ceremonies special, with The blessing bowl. Bring positive energy into your body’s sacred vessel, for joyful new beginnings.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations”—Nikola Tesla

Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Helps balance your brain’s electrical waves. Clearer mind.
  • Helps decrease physical pain, by allowing you to release.
  • Helps bring positive vibes home to friends & family.
  • Helps with compassion fatigue
  • Helps send love into the earth.
  • Helps you access/strengthen your spiritual gifts.
  • Helps you feel safe in your body.
  • Helps with mental focus and creativity.
  • Helps you receive spiritual guidance.
  • Helps deepen your meditation by creating Gamma waves in the Brain.
  • Helps create a less reactive state by creating the Gamma waves over and over.  
  • Helps harmonize body, mind and heart!

Why choose to heal with Sound?

  • You feel like you need someone to hold a safe space too…
    • Reset
    • Restore
    • Let go and release
    • Connect to your inner voice
  • You feel like you need some spiritual direction
  • You feel drained from others, and like you are giving your power away.
  • You need a mini mental vacation.
  • You want a sacred ceremony of embodiment of love
  • You’re an empath.
  • Don’t know what else to do.

Sacred Sound Ceremonies


 Spiritual Baby Shower (Baby Blessing)

Make your sacred ceremonies special, with The blessing bowl. Bring positive energy into your body’s sacred vessel, for joyful new beginnings.

How does Sound Healing help your health and quality of life?…

“Sound is vibration, of molecular compression, that comes to your ear or to skin, if you feel it as vibration…. The ear has hairs, in the cochlea, that translates this vibrations into electric signals, so the auditory nerve cells bring this to the brain. So when you encounter a click [or sound] what’s happening is that compressions of air molecules are coming to your ear and your ear is translating it into an electrical impulse and sending it to your brain… up to the nerve and into the neurons”—- Dr. Lee Bartel

Electrical signals are how our brain communicates with our body!

Dr. Lee Bartel’s team found that listening to certain frequencies, such as 4o hrts, helps the brain communicate clearer. Fun fact cricket’s chirps are a frequency of 40 hrts.

Frequencies such as 4o hrts can be felt as a vibration in the body. This can help people release physical pain, stuck emotion in the body and can even decrease negative side effects of some illnesses. When you hear a bronze singing bowl, you can feel these vibrations.

“Neurons that fire together wire together.” Dr. Lee Barten